30 May
Critical Reflections on Work Processes


Thursday was structured around my tutorial with Steve and Sarah for the Developing Research module which helped me with preparing and focusing my ideas on what my Pecha Kucha presentation is going to focus on. Having the one-to-one time with my lectures helped me link the modules together on the course and realise the benefits of doing ECICE and Developing Research modules together as both require a realistic budget to help organise the event that you would like to present in both modules. Connecting these modules and acquiring knowledge learnt on both modules to benefit the work that will be produced as the final assessment on both modules and will only be beneficiary.


I've just completed my Pecha Kucha presentation for developing research and I believe I have done well although there are definitely improvements to be made. The first thing that potentially went wrong was the fact that my slides weren't changing for the first couple of minutes and Steve had to mention that the rest of the zoom call couldn’t see past the first slide. From that point onwards I was nervous that something else was going to go wrong so I believe that my presenting skills suffered due to this. It is always hard to predict for something technical to go wrong but I definitely could prepare and try to improve my composure for the other presentations I've got coming up.  


The results and comments were released for the Pecha Kucha, and I'd done a lot better than I'd originally thought managing to get a distinction although I still need to practice my composure so I can feel better in myself when it comes to presenting next or even further down the line in a professional context. Doing well in the Pecha Kucha has taken the pressure off the fact that I now know that I have got a good strong basis to build my presentation on and I can have fun over the next couple of weeks working towards the final presentation. After these comments I guess I should definitely believe in myself more.


The last couple of days have been focused on how I'm going tackle my project for ECICE with emphasis towards what films are going to be presented on the Program. This is the first week I have used the Timetable that I created to help balance the work between all the different modules I am working on at the minute. Looking back at my comments on my assignments so far I've come to the realization that I don't particularly react well to feedback whether it is positive or negative with my mindset almost emotionally distancing itself from the work once it is completed. I know this is something I am going to have to rectify this to improve my working methodology for the future.


Although I have been following a timetable I am starting to struggle to juggle the four modules I have got on the go at this moment in time. This is probably the major issue I have had most of my education has been trying to cordon my time efficiently and effectively towards different subjects and pieces of work. It is still something after all this time that I struggle with implementing to the best of my ability. Today seemed a tipping point as broke down mentally and didn't really understand how I was going to continue as I felt like I had a form of writers block not just for one piece of work but all of them.


Since coming home for Easter my mindset has definitely reset and I feel stronger. I can now dedicate my full concentration for all my assignments and attempt to complete them to the best of my ability. This has been one of my most productive days since this semester has begun and I put this down to the reset of my mindset since coming home.


As I'm getting closer towards the date that the assignments need to be handed in I've realized that there are times when I panic and completely zone out of the mindset I have built to complete the work. One thing that this tells me is that I've definitely undertook some emotion regarding my work which was something I've tried since the beginning of the course. Although in the moment this is horrible it does tell me that I care a lot about completing this course and trying to create a future career for myself.          

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